Penalty Calculators

Penalty Calculators

Find below Mortgage Penalty Calculators for major banks and lenders in Canada.
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Mortgage Penalty Calculator

RBC Penalty Calculator

This quick calculator will show you how much it may cost to prepay your mortgage, in part or in full for Royal Bank. RBC Penalty Calculator

TD Bank Penalty Calculator

Learn more about your full or partial prepayment penalty options by following the link TD Penalty Calculator.

BMO Penalty Calculator

Use our mortgage prepayment calculator to help estimate your prepayment charge if you’re thinking about refinancing, early renewing or selling your property. BMO Penalty Calculator.

CIBC Penalty Calculator

This calculator can be used to estimate the prepayment charge that would apply if you prepaid the full amount of your CIBC mortgage loan. CIBC Penalty Calculator.

Scotia Penalty Calculator

Mortgage Prepayment Charge calculator for Sotiabank. It calculates both full and pre-payment mortgage penalties. Scotia Penalty Calculator.

Credit Union Penalty Calculator

No Penalty Calculators were found for major credit unions at the writing of this post!
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Mortgage Penalty Calculator

HSBC Penalty Calculator

Use the HSBC mortgage payment calculator to find out what your penalty payment will be. HSBC Penalty Calculator.

ING Penalty Calculator

If you pay off the balance of your mortgage before the end of the term, or if you make a payment that’s higher than your prepayment privilege amount, you may have to pay a charge. You can use this calculator to estimate your prepayment charge. ING Penalty Calculator.

National Bank Penalty Calculator

This tool allows you to obtain an estimate of the amount of the indemnity payable upon the prepayment of your mortgage loan. The data generated is an approximation only (as per note on National Bank’s website). HSBC Penalty Calculator.

Laurentian Penalty Calculator

If you wish to repay your mortgage in part or in full before its maturity date, you may be required to pay a penalty as indicated in the “Cost of Borrowing Disclosure Statement”, which you received when your mortgage was issued, modified, renewed or refinanced, whichever is latest. Go click the following link to access your calculator. Laurentian Bank Penalty Calculator.

Manulife Penalty Calculator

Manulife Bank mortgages allow you to prepay up to 20% per year (as it is usual with other banks and lenders) without a charge. Use this calculator for amounts over the 20%. Manulife Penalty Calculator.

MCAP Penalty Calculator

MCAP residential mortgages provides you with a Penalty Calculator online. MCAP Penalty Calculator.

First National Penalty Calculator

First National financial residential mortgages provides you with a Penalty Calculator online as well. First National Penalty Calculator.

Desjardins Penalty Calculator

You can pay off your mortgage at any time, but some types of Desjardins mortgages have a prepayment penalty when you do. Desjardins Penalty Calculator.

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